ECO2: Energy Consumption Optimization for Economic Efficiency and CO2 Reduction
From Pure Cost-Effectiveness to Sustainability: Towards Novel Approaches for Energy Efficiency Management within the Carrefour Organization


  • To promote continuous and open innovation within our Organization in the field of Energy Management to become recognized leaders worldwide and provide our support to the Corporate Social Responsibility team.
  • To contribute to a more sustainable development by:
    • increasing our energy efficiency
    • promoting management practices for energy saving
    • stimulating the use of renewables and e-mobility
    • contributing to the actual reduction of CO2 production


  • By actively participating to the project, you will make you ideas and proposal eligible for in-depth economic analyses, which may be useful to convince your own stakeholders to finance your initiative
  • The project portal itself will become a reference tool (like a cookbook for recipes) within our organization to:
    • highlight best practices,
    • setup new projects guidelines, and
    • benchmark innovation activities
  • A shared project manager (a candidate PhD in relevant fields) will support all the partners to implement best practices associated to selected projects

Pillars of the Platform

  • Technological Innovation

  • Efficiency and Sustainability

  • Economics and Project Financing

  • People Engagement

  • The ECO2 platform will comprise 4 different pillars for discussing both opportunities and needs emerging from all the participant partners
  • Both opportunities and needs will pave the way for open discussions and new challenge definition

Methodology: Bring Your Own Challenges

  • consumption monitoring and reduction
  • “green” energy purchase
  • renewables adoption and net-zero energy building
  • electric mobility
  • response to highly dynamic demand
  • interplay between innovation and ecological impact reduction

Call for Ideas & Open Problems